Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Could I be any happier and cuter?

I just had to share these few pictures with you. Brynlyn was in such a happy mood today so I grabbed my camera and started shooting away.

She is feeling so well and has been sounding so clear for the past week. We don't have to go back to the next DR appointments until next week. So it's nice to have a week off from the doctor. Maybe THAT'S why she's so happy!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Granda came to visit

Granda came to visit! She actually came for Great-Uncle Denzel's funeral, but we got to spend the day with her. She had not seen Brynlyn since October and was utterly amazed at how she has grown and at how good she looks. They had some fun bonding time together. And even though Brynlyn keep giving her a look, and then making sure Mike or myself was around, we know she loved it when Granda held her and talked to her.

Come again soon Granda.

My big sisters love me

Lauryn and Katelyn love holding Brynlyn whenever they get the chance. Of course the first thing we ask them, "Did you wash your hands?" We have Purell bottles (big bottles) all over the house, so there's no excuse. And Brynlyn absolutely loves when she's held also. Look at the picture above, no family resemblence there, right! I cannot believe how much those two girls look alike. We definitely drew from the same gene pool when those two gals were created.

The Vest

Well, this is "the vest." It is a pulmonologist's treatment tool. It's very commonly used for kids with CF (cystic fibrosis.) I like to call it the "shake and bake" because it literally shakes the mucus free from the lining of the lung walls and so it can be deep suctioned out. We also call it "the motor boat." ha ha Brynlyn didn't mind it so much. She usually would just fall asleep while she was wearing it because it would just rock her to sleep. We put Lauryn on the vest also because she was fighting pneumonia at the time also. She thought it was great for the first 20 minutes, then she wanted it off. ha ha I really like the vest because it helped to cure both of these girls of their infections.