Saturday, August 04, 2007

New Family Blog

Hi guys

So we now have a new family blogspot I would like for you to check out. I will still be posting on Brynlyn's with her developments, health issues, etc. But the new family blog will be where I'll be posting most of the posts that have to do with the kids, us, life in general.

The blog is:

I consider this a big step in the right direction for the Jensen family.

Thanks for your love and support and for checking out the blog. It's therapy for me and I'm grateful to have people reading it. It helps me to feel as if I'm sharing this experience with others.

I can sit myself up

This is HUGE news!!! Thursday we had a fantastic physical therapy session with Monica. Brynlyn was just rockin' and rollin' and really showing off for her. So it completely wiped her out for the rest of the day. BUT...she was super close to being able to pull herself up from the lying down position. Her left arm is stronger than her right so far and so if she's on that side, she just needs a little nudge and up she goes.

What's so great about Brynlyn is that she's so smart and it only takes one time to show her something and then she's trying to do it. It may take a little while for her to get it, but she knows just what to do.

So tonight, she was playing on the bed with Daddy. This is a nightly ritual that Brynlyn just loves. And she was kind of leaning on Mike and up she went. She just pushed off of her arm and sat herself up.

And then this morning, I woke up and looked over to Brynlyn's crib and she was already awake and sitting up and waiting for me to wake up and come and get her. It was sooo sweet!

This is so huge for developmentally and we're thrilled. Now, we're working on her on hands and knees (doesn't care for this too much.) But we're working every day and building her endurance. She's army crawling right now, but crawling on her knees is the next big step for her.

I'll keep you posted. But Hooray for Brynlyn!